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Exciting & Memorable Tour Adventures Around Our Area

We are available to assist you to enjoy your vacation in Costa Rica to the fullest.  We want our guests to enjoy the beautiful places and natural habitats that Costa Rica has to offer. There are a multitude of fun and exciting group tours and excursions for our guests to experience in and around our area.  Should you wish to adventure out for some fun group tours, there are numerous activities to suit everyone's preferences, such as:

  • Horseback riding on the beach (One of our favorites!)

  • Parasailing

  • Scuba diving

  • Surfing and surfing lessons

  • Zip lining through the rain forest areas (Adventurous, informative & fun.)

  • Very scenic boating tours and one includes snorkeling off an island (An all day event with magnificent sea habitat that includes whales passing through several months of the year). This is a one hour drive to arrive to and a highly memorable all day event. Bring your camera! (A favorite).

  • Fishing Excursions (the general area is said to be one of the top fishing locations in the world)

  • Kayak tours locally, with information provided as you tour by kayak of the plant and wildlife.

  • Waterfall Tours on foot or horseback 

  • Vanilla Bean, chocolate, herb and a multitude of plant/tree harvesting throughout this tour, that offers a beautiful array and detailed information of plant and tree horticulture on acres of gorgeous land. A highly informative tour that includes the process of production of Vanilla Extract at this Site. Samples of chocolate and tea with a homemade desert is also provided. (A garden lovers dream and of our favorites!)

  • A small hotsprings to sit and enjoy in with drinks offered. (Your drive to this location is remote with narrow cross bridges).

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