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Good eats in and around Playa Matapalo, Savegre


There are numerous reputable restaurants to choose from in this part of Costa Rica.  It's just a matter of knowing who and where they are.  We're listing the more frequented, well known, well maintained places that are also  moderately priced, with good menus and that serve good  to hearty portions of food for the price.  They are listed in order nearest to us first. We want to ensure guests are filled up during your visit with the opportunity to enjoy a great variety of good and varied venues. We will continue to expand this page:


This is a local, long running family owned restaurant here in Playa Matapalo.  They are very conveniently located a stones throw away (1 1/2 minutes walking distance from COCO Beach Village).   Friendly hosts and atmosphere and most often music is playing in the background, with a nice view of the ocean.  They serve both alcohol and non alcohol drinks and smoothies. The restaurant is tidy and they expanded.  Both locals and visitors eat there regularly!  (Meaning their product is fresh and moving daily.) Their menu offers a nice array of choices from pizza to chicken, to good simple fish dishes that are reasonably priced.  COCO Beach Village has arranged free breakfast for all of our guests to enjoy here.  So please, enjoy!  They are open seven days per week.

El Patio:

Delicious hamburgers! This is a very small and easy to pass by local family restaurant, located two kilometers down the 34 HWY from us (turning right toward Dominical as you exit Matapalo.  You will find them on the left hand side of the 34 HWY.  Although their menu is limited, locals and visitors drop in off the 34 HWY for a bite.  They prepare their plates of food nicely.  Every time we've tried their beef or shrimp burgers the food is yummy and filling! They take pride in what they make and tastefully season their food with great organics and unique flavors. They hand make their burger buns with nicely seasoned tops and specialty seasoned patties. A takeout bag of taquitos is great too.  They also serve a mighty plate of Nachos, nice smoothies in Mason jars and good hand made deserts to curb a sweet tooth.  They too have a reasonably priced menu.  They are open five days per week for lunch and dinner.


La Langosta Feliz  (The Happy Lobster) 

Located directly across the 34 HWY here in Playa Matapalo, Savegre (a four minute drive from our hotel). It is also very popular with the locals. This family began years ago as fishermen selling to the locals around our area and as their popularity grew years ago, they opened a restaurant that expanded from only two tables. They serve a great array of freshly caught and good tasting seafood. We have ordered Shrimp with Rice several times and noted the plates are very hearty full plates, filled with dozens of shrimp. (If you order 'Rice with Shrimp' instead of 'Shrimp with Rice', you will receive more rice and fewer shrimp if you’d prefer.) They also load your plate if you order a full fish meal. Simply delicious!


Jolly Rogers

Yes, there is a Costa Rican Jolly Rogers Restaurant and the food is delicious! If you're in the mood for a thick hearty burger or an array of flavorfully coated seasoned chicken fingers, come with a hearty appetite because this place will fill you up!  Don't forget to order their to die for parmesan  garlic fries! They also serve both alcohol and non alcohol drinks and on weekend nights are pretty packed. It's a bit of a hike to get there as you have to wind your way up a mountain side and the Jolly Rogers sign to turn left up that high mountain is a bit easy to miss but worth finding them for the great areal ocean views and tasty food.  Watch very closely for a black and white JOLLY ROGERS sign on the left side of the 34 HWY.  The turn off is past the primary part of Dominical but still within it. If you reach Uvita, you've passed it, just turn around.









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